Monday, March 25, 2013

Benefits of Modular Helmets – Why Are they a Must Have?

Modular helmets are a recent type of motorcycle helmets with a flip front that can be used to make the open face helmets when flipped upwards and full-face helmets when it is flipped downwards. Most of them have both a raisable face section and chinbar. Of course, when you are riding your motorbike, you have to flip their front downwards. When compared to other traditional types of helmets, they present a number of advantages or benefits. This perhaps should be seen as the reasons why most motorcyclists are turning to them. So what are some of the benefits of these helmets?
Modular Helmets

First, they are more flexible since they can offer the flexibility of an open-faced helmet while giving you protection of a closed faced helmet when you flip the front section downwards. They therefore will allow you to enjoy the benefits of having both these two types of helmets at the same time without compromising your safety as in the case of open-faced helmets, which might not totally protect you. Furthermore, when you are not riding your motorcycle, you can flip the front section up as you have a conversation, eat or drink something. This makes them more social, without the need to remove your helmet to have a conversation and then replace it back.

Secondly, most people who wear glasses often find it difficult to wear the full-faced helmets. However, the design of the modular helmets makes it much easier for you to wear your glasses and ride your bicycle more comfortable. When wearing them, you will ensure the front face flip end is raised up to avoid them damaging your glasses. Once you have worn it, you can them flip the front section back to its place. Most people who wore glasses have initially depended on the less safe open-faced helmets and these helmets give them a great alterative.  Even the struggle of removing the full-faced helmets is also eliminated. Even for people who do not wear glasses, these types of helmets are much more comfortable and easy to wear.

Finally, the modular helmets have a novel design that helps them to offer maximum protection as you are riding your motorcycle. Other than the protection they offer in case of a crash, which is similar to the one of full-faced helmets, they will also ensure your eyes, neck, and ears are protected. Most of them had been designed to ensure rain, bugs, wind, dust, or rocks cause minimum distraction due to their war around design. Nevertheless, some models come with anti fog spray kits and other accessories that make them more appealing. With all the above benefits, when compared to full faced helmets; their prices are much more friendly.


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